Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Mixed Directions

Sorry for the delay in posting this. Circumstances have become rather complicated as of late, and this time it was not entirely due to Blogger. More about that later, the story has realigned, and here is the latest entry:

Oh dear. It seems that the plashers are in some disagreement as to where to find the Lore Master, whoever he may be. Should Gwendolyn wait for the Lore Master to come to the plashers' pond, or try her luck with one of the routs proposed by her friends?

Please leave your comments below and I will collect them as per usual; do not fear! However, I feel I must inform you that there is a small matter that seems to have come with my equipment. My readings are erratic; I believe that this story point will remain open longer than usual, but I am not sure how long. The earliest it will close is around midnight on Monday, but the latest remains a mystery to me. I shall endeavor to keep you informed of the circumstances. My apologies, as you are aware, this technique is still in its experimental phase.

Thank you for your patience, and your assistance!

EDIT: As per my own comment below, I now expect this point to close at midnight on Friday.


  1. Hmmmm what to do indeed. Does Gwendolyn have a voice of her own at this point? A personality? Rather than direct the story i'm rooting for Gwendolyn to do whatever would best fit her character. You know, what would Gwendolyn naturally do?

  2. A forest could get her lost. A stream is out in the open and could leave her vulnerable to unfriendly eyes. The plasher pond seems to be the safest bet, but Gwendolyn certainly might not want to wait a week and it doesn't seem like there is any food around. Then again, she might get lucky and he might come early. If I were Gwendolyn, I would ask the plashers about potential food supplies and perhaps plan to wait at the pond.

  3. I believe I have found a definitive time to the closure of this point. I am fairly certain that it shall seal off at around midnight on Friday.

    Thank you for your assistance, as well as your patience!

  4. I have collected your comments and sent them into the story. I expect it shall realign sometime tomorrow.

    Thank you for your assistance!

  5. I look forward to it. More assistance I wish I could give.