Monday, May 9, 2011

Out of the Cave

The story has realigned:

Strange creatures! There seem to be quite a few of them after all. Should Gwendolyn answer their questions and try to explain why she is there? Surely they know more about the world she is in than she does; perhaps they can be of some help. On the other hand, who knows whether they can be trusted or not?

Please post your comments below, and I shall send them to Gwendolyn. I believe this point in the story should remain open until around midnight on Wednesday. Thank you for your assistance!


  1. They seem very playful. They'll probably happily answer her questions, so Gwendolyn should ask questions rather than answering them. She can start by asking what a Lore Matter (Lore Master?) is.

  2. Your comment has been received, Karin. The story should realign itself sometime today (Thursday). Thank you for your assistance!