Thursday, May 5, 2011

Stealth and Sneakiness

The story has realigned; I believe Gwendolyn has heard your suggestions:

What an odd little creature...I certainly did not see them in the original version of the story. Perhaps Gwendolyn should approach it? Of course, it might be more dangerous than it looks.  Should she perhaps go back and examine the bridge instead? The creature appears not to have seen her yet!

Please leave your comments on this post, and as always I shall send them to Gwendolyn. I believe this point in the story should remain open until around midnight on Sunday night.

Thank you for your assistance!


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. I love cute animals, but that plasher looks like a tricky and devious thing to me. Not the sort of companion I would want at my side at all. Gwendolyn seems like a smart girl and has done well on her own so far, so I think she should pick her allies very carefully and examine the bridge.

  3. Considering her dangerous encounter with the dragon, Gwendolyn could afford to be more careful of "trange creatureh". She should cautiously examine the bridge. If she changes her mind, she could always come back later.

  4. I think she should go talk to it. I don't think dragons (or, at least, evil dragons) usually spend their free time in ducky form splashing around. If it's a servent of the dragon, well, he already knows she's here. However, maybe it's a good guy. Gwendolyn could certainly use a companion, or at least some advice, from a creature native to this strange land.

    And is that another pair of wings sticking out of the water behind it? It might not be alone!

  5. Thank you for your assistance. I have collected your comments and will send them into the story shortly. I expect that before the end of the day today (Monday), the story should realign itself and I should be able to find another entry point.