Friday, May 13, 2011

More Questions

So sorry for the delay in posting this. The transcription was ready, and yet when I prepared to transmit it, something seemed to be wrong with the blog itself. I understand the problem went throughout the blogger system. In any case it seems to be fixed now, although I am looking into alternate forms of transmission.

Which one indeed? What questions should Gwendolyn ask the plashers to answer first? Are there perhaps other questions she should be considering? How much do the plashers know about the world outside their pond?

Please leave your comments and advice to Gwendolyn on this blog, and I shall send them to her. Thank you for your assistance!


  1. Nevermind, this is my favorite :)

    I think homegurl should ask what a plasher is first. She needs to know who/what she's talking to!

  2. I agree, what is a plasher anyway? They sure seem friendly enough, and if they wanted to hurt her, they just has a perfect chance and didn't take it, but it would certainly help to know who she's talking to.

  3. So sorry, I don't believe that I let you know the approximate time for which this point in the story would be open. It should last until sometime around midnight tonight.

  4. Your comments have been received, and I am sending them into the story now. I believe that the story should realign sometime tomorrow. Thank you for your assistance!