Saturday, June 4, 2011

Some History: Cadderon

My sincerest apologies...I seem to have misread the instruments, and I now anticipate the next post will up sometime tomorrow. I'm terribly embarrassed by this, and hope to keep it from happening again.

In the meantime, I would like to share with you some of interesting information I have some of my other personal library volumes. It seems that Cadderon, known at the time of our story as the Dragon King, was once a sorcerror of the sneaky and unfriendly variety. He found a way to master the dragons which were plaguing the people of one particular country, and soon brought almost all of dragon kind under his dominion. This was initially viewed as a good thing, he was heralded and admired, nearly worshiped in fact, by the people of the land.

Here is where the record becomes sketchy and difficult to decipher. As all history books are biased, and I have volumes from different peoples and periods, some of the accounts are wildly different from the others. My best interpretation seems to indicate that Cadderon consolidated his power slowly over time, using his apparent goodwill and the love of the people to ingratiate himself with several fractured   government factions. Over several hundred years, he became more and more powerful through his networks of spies and his allies in the government. As he had discovered the secret of immortality, he was able to exercise patience, until the day when he declared himself the Mighty and Immortal Dragon King and did away with the old monarchy.

It seems that Cadderon eventually united several smaller, independent villages and states under his rule. Some are more loyal to him than others. The area that he choose to imprison Fisher in, that is, where Gwendolyn is now, is somewhat untamed and wild, and Gwendolyn could meet people here who are very loyal to Cadderon, as well as those who despise him. Cadderon has begun re-consolidating his power locally, but so far reforms have been minor.

I hope that this information will be of some use to us in our future endeavors. Thank you for your assistance!

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