Saturday, April 9, 2011

An Introduction

When a star weeps, it’s tears are full of power, the power to heal, and the power to save, but they can also be used for destruction. I am called Claudius Grey, and I have come into possession of a book of the stars, which tells the stories of their lives and deaths. Through means which I can not in good conscience divulge, I have found a way to channel the sound of voices into the stories, and possibly change the outcome thereof. I found this tale some time ago:

Once, when the world was young, a certain star used to come down to the earth to cool her feet in the cold water of a clear lake each morning, because she was tired after dancing across the sky each night. Near the lake lived a young man who came to the lake each dawn to fish. It was not long after they met that the two of them fell deeply in love. They planned to marry, but the Dragon King found the star to be more beautiful than anything else he could see in his kingdom, and took her to be his bride. Her lover tried to rescue her, but the Dragon King captured him and locked him away in place of eternal slumber to be tortured by nightmares. Though a thousand years have passed, the star still refuses to wed the Dragon King, and he still refuses to release her lover. Her tears fall out into space and are seen as meteors. Some of them are lost on the earth.

There were a few more details; it seems that in the end the Dragon King killed the star’s lover, and she wasted away and eventually died from grief. However, at the bottom of the page was this note:

A young lady called Gwendolyn was given one of the star’s tears by her grandmother, who bought it at a craft fair from an artisan. The artisan thought the tear was an unusually beautiful though otherwise unremarkable translucent stone and had fashioned it into a pendant. Every night for several years, Gwendolyn would dream about the star and the star’s lover and their plight. The pendant would open a gateway to the world where the two were imprisoned, and so moved was she by their plight that Gwendolyn would long to go to help them. But every time she tried she found she was still asleep in bed, and when she woke up, she would have forgotten all about the star. These dreams continued until the star’s death.

I have been researching the effects of star tears on dreams, and it seems that if Gwendolyn could not have helped the star, she would not have dreamed about her. Gwendolyn’s not waking up in time to remember her dreams and enter the portal is a problem though. After much time and many experiments, I believe I have found a way to change the story. I have searched the pages of the book (which seem to be ever changing), and have found this point of entry:

Gwendolyn half woke from sleep, alone in the darkness. The storm had passed (had there really been a storm?), and she was comfortable in her bed, her mind heavy with sleep. The necklace her grandmother had given her hung from her bed post. It was glowing softly, and it reminded her of something…something…she… had to…do…

As Gwendolyn began to drift back to sleep, the something began to slip from her mind.

Please leave your comments on this blog, and I will endeavor to send them to Gwendolyn, to help her begin her journey.  The method is tenuous, but the stronger the voice the more likely she will be able to hear; i.e. the more people tell her to take a certain action, the more likely she will be to hear them. It should be noted at this point that Gwendolyn is a minor, and that comments should be made with that in mind (i.e. please keep it clean). Also, I can only keep this point into the story open for a short time, I’m afraid, and I will have to stop sending comments at around 5 PM (American central time) tomorrow.  The story should take a little while to adjust (perhaps a few hours or so) and then I hope to be able to find and share another entry point.

At this time, I believe that the most important thing is to wake Gwendolyn up and remind her of the star before she forgets…


  1. Gwendolen should immediately write her dream on the notepad that she keeps next to her bed for this purpose.Then maybe she will remember it long enough to take action.

  2. Gwendolen should learn the art of sleep walking and awaken in a strange new place where she can help the star.

  3. Indeed. At this point there has not been established a concrete way for Gwendolyn to even interact with the two. This needs to be remedied before much can be done.